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  • Imports

    We import raw materials, intermediate products, finished products ready to eat / use, machines or industrial spare parts with the desired properties by managing all processes for you

  • Export

    We provide the management of all processes, from the receipt of the order to the preparation of documents, from the customs clearance process to money transfers and shipping.

  • Logistics

    In our logistics network, we protect the interests of the exporter and the importer by producing solutions at the most affordable transportation cost.

  • About us

    30 years of experience

    As Tradearth company, it has adopted the principle of young, innovative, modern and perfect customer satisfaction, it has a strong structure that has a leading position in its sector and includes the leading companies of Turkey and the world in its portfolio.

  • Our quality policy

    Customer Focused Work

    Behind the success achieved is a customer-oriented, productivity-centered management approach. This approach develops not only with material gains but also with an understanding that targets customer satisfaction.

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Tradearth cares about cooperation with its customers. Cooperation ensures two-sided win. With the Tradearth brand assurance, you can shop easily and safely.

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